Avoiding the Headache of Writing Bid ...

Nicola Dibb, Marketing & Business Development Consultant, reveals some key tips for creating a winning bid document. Pre Qualification Questionnaires and Invitation To Tender’s are a particular curse of the construction industry. Often consultants and contractors feel under pressure from clients to fill in yet another form or write a comp [...]

The Spice of Life

The Spice of Life
Well ‘they’ say, don’t they, that variety is the spice of life and I’ve been reflecting today on the different clients and projects that I have been involved with over the last few months. From training sessions on bid writing, to managing planning applications, working with retirement village operators, designing websites a [...]

Does your Website deliver?

Does your Website deliver?
7 Essential questions to ask yourself Nicola Dibb Associates have been working with several clients recently helping them to either update and refresh their existing website or designing for Organisations that have not had a website before.There have been lots of interesting discussions with our clients along the way in our role as content w [...]

Work in the Construction or Property ...

Work in the Construction or Property Sector?
Think about changing how you communicate with your customers It’s a frequent lament that I hear talking to Business owners in the Construction and Property Industry that ‘we don’t need to ‘do’ Twitter because none of our customers use it’.  Also they say ‘I’ve got a LinkedIn account but I only use it to accept offers from people to connect’ o [...]

Don’t just tell your customers what y...

Don’t just tell your customers what you have done – tell them what you can do for them!
Do you worry about how to make your Newsletter interesting? Well, I read somewhere the other day “If you create really awesome content, customers will flock to you.” ‘Content marketing’ is the new buzz word in the world of marketing, advertising and selling and relates equally to promoting Business to Business services as well as Business to [...]